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Kasia Krohn

Founder,  Play & Creative Arts Therapist, Teacher


BA in Early Childhood & Primary Education 

MA in International Education 

Post Graduate Diploma in Play & Creative Arts Therapy

Post Graduate Certificate in Filial Play Therapy

International Baccalaureate Workshop Leader/IB/

International Baccalaureate School Visiting Team Member/IB/ 

APTI Member/IT/


Kasia has over thirty years of experience of working as a teacher, leader and therapist for children at International Baccalaureate(IB) schools in countries such as the United Kingdom, Norway, Poland, Italy, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland.

She strongly believes in the holistic development of the child. Children learn in many different ways, express their inner worlds in many unique ways and develop individually. Traditional education is based on a subject divided structure, age grouping and a grading system that immediately judges and categorises children, thereby imprinting a self-image that may lower a child's self-esteem.

Her in-depth knowledge and experience, together with various pedagogical philosophies and approaches, have led her to seeing the benefits of, and promoting the values of, continued learning through the lens of personal, unique development and the recognition of emotional intelligence.

Emotional education in most schools is rarely recognised, poorly implemented and not valued enough. This observation led Kasia to pursue post-graduate qualifications in Play & Creative Arts Therapy. As a play therapist, she has seen many children overcome their barriers to learning through the recognition of their inner world and through learning how to manage their emotions. At Sii Bambino Kasia offers her expertise to children, their families and, if necessary, for schools, in the roles of a Play Therapist, Teacher and Counsellor.

Luigi Parravicini

Educational Support Mentor & Coach


Educational Certificate - Lombardy Region of Varese

Rudolph Steiner Qualifications in Biodynamics

Professional Educator - Icotea Milan Institutes

Patent and diploma of Swimming and Athletics Instructor - CONI

Masters in Parental Education:

  • The parental role in the community for minors

  • The educational difference in the parenting role

  • The educator's mission: a school for life

  • Montessorian Laboratory Systems


Gigi's first experience in working with children dates back to 1990. He worked as a swimming instructor at the swimming pool in the area of Como.

It is there when an inspirational moment took place.  One day a child of  four, who was afraid of water, independently and willingly detached himself from the wall he was clinging to and began to swim to meet his teacher. This incredible experience of courage and trust stayed with Gigi throughout his professional path. It inspired Gigi to undertake Rudolf Steiner's training in biodynamics.

Water, contact with nature and outdoor education coupled with social interactions are developmentally the best environments for children to express themselves freely. Gigi is an advocate of Scandinavian-style Forest Schools. He says: "There is no bad weather, there is only bad clothing."

In the process of working with children in an indoor context, Gigi uses Montessorian, Reggio Emilia, Steiner-Waldorf as well as spatial and sensory materials which support the children's individual needs. Whether working with individual children or groups, Gigi's inspiration of Dewey, Rousseau and Krishnamurti are always led by the principles of heart, nature and harmony.

Magda Krohn

Hatha Yoga, Drama & Movement Teacher


BA(Hons) English Literature and Drama – University of London, UK

MA Theatre Directing – University of Kent, UK

PGCE English and Drama – University of Cambridge, UK

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher 

Member of Yoga Alliance:


Magda is a talented and passionate professional who shares her natural curiosity and the attributes of a life-long learner with her students. She believes in the holistic approach to education and instills a life-long love of learning and critical thinking skills.

As a Hatha Yoga teacher at Sii Bambino Magda brings her creativity and true appreciation of individual development and needs. Yoga with Magda brings its holistic and dynamic nature for physical and mental wellbeing. A regular practice helps develop self-awareness, strength, balance and flexibility, as well as having a calming effect on the nervous system. Magda is an experienced educator who worked as a teacher in International Baccalaureate (IB) schools in Malawi, the United Kingdom, Poland and Switzerland. Alongside many positions which she held internationally, Magda is a Drama teacher who offers her performing and directing skills to the children at Sii Bambino in fun, creative, engaging and multidisciplinary ways. 

Mike Avery

English Online Teacher


Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from University of Colorado at Boulder

Master of Arts degree in International Education from Framingham University

Primary Years Program for the International Baccalaureate stage II the Child Safety Certification

TEFL Certification

Online English with Mike Avery

If you are looking to learn English from a native speaker from California with extensive training and experience, look no further. To effectively teach English as a foreign or additional language, it is essential to not only know grammar and  pronunciation, but also to know the techniques that allow the student to excel. Mike has all of those qualifications. He is TEFL certified to teach English to children and adults. He has experience teaching in the Los Angeles Unified School District and 27 years experience teaching at American School of Warsaw in a large private elementary school.

Mike delivers well-planned, learner centred, interesting, entertaining, and technically strong EAL lessons. He brings his enthusiasm and determination to every lesson.  All lessons are personalised to get the best outcome for each student. 

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