Yoga for Kids  


Yoga for Kids with Magda

At Sii Bambino children can nourish their holistic well-being by practicing Hatha Yoga.

Through this experience, children learn to understand and feel their body with awareness, respect and self-reflection. In a playful and non- competitive environment, Magda leads the children through a path that reduces tension, adds energy, improves concentration and builds self-awareness.

Our yoga sessions offer the possibility to experiment, learn and respect each other’s space, familiarize ourselves with our breathing, embrace and develop emotions. Yoga for children at Sii Bambino is based on playful, accessible, fun and achievable methodology. Magda incorporates storytelling, clear instructions, encouragement and a sense of fun. 

Why Yoga for Kids


  • ​Coordination of movement and flexibility

  • Freedom of corporal expression

  • Muscular tone


  • Collaboration with others

  • Focus

  • Learning ability and memory

Inner self

  • Anxiety and stress reduction

  • Expression of feelings

  • Energy channelling